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Bitpay Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-818-8729

Bitpay Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-818-8729

Bitpay Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-818-8729

An Atlanta-based, BitPay is a Bitcoin payment platform that serves organizations around the globe. BitPay was initially established in 2011 to give mobile checkout services to dealers. If merchants needed to acknowledge bitcoins, they could utilize BitPay as their payment platform. By 2014, BitPay was handling $1 million USD in payments consistently. It stays one of the world’s biggest bitcoin payment processors these days.

Notwithstanding merchant payment processing, BitPay has created open source bitcoin ventures like BitCore as well as Copay. They’ve likewise known for their BitPay Card, a debit/credit card provides you with a chance to spend BTC effectively anyplace Visa is acknowledged. Tony Gallippi established the company.

It is fully secure and if any issue arises, it offers better customer support through Bitpay Customer Support Phone Number.

How Does BitPay Work?

BitPay makes it simple for merchants to acknowledge payment as Bitcoin. It additionally enables merchants to shun the volatility of bitcoin by changing over BTC payments instantly into fiat currencies. A merchant can acknowledge payment in BTC, for instance, and get that payment in USD. BitPay permits prompt transformations into around 30 worldwide currencies.

BitPay provides with three main services “from wallet to checkout”:

Accept Bitcoin:

You can accept bitcoin payments for your business. BitPay contains tools for, e-commerce, retail, billing, and donations that enable you to accept payments from the users anywhere in the world. As mentioned above, you can additionally get a settlement for bitcoin payments straight to your bank account in your particular currency to evade price volatility or risk. In case, you are unable to access bitcoin payments, Bitpay Customer Service Phone Number is the only way to get the solution for the problem.

Safely Store Bitcoin:

Obtain a bitcoin wallet and begin utilizing bitcoin. There is a famous BitPay software and app accessible for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux. You can utilize this application to deal with your bitcoin funds in a safe, open source wallet.

Spend Anywhere:

Convert bitcoin into dollars and invest anywhere. The BitPay card enables you to load dollars utilizing any bitcoin wallet with 0% fees. The card utilizes Visa, so you can make use of it any anywhere Visa is accepted – involving Visa-compatible ATMs as well as any Visa merchant.

Apart from these services, BitPay also provides fabulous customer service to its users. The team of experts is proficient and knowledgeable. Therefore, whenever you will get in touch with them through Bitpay Customer Support Phone Number, discuss your problems and solve them.

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