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What is the best way to contact Bittrex customer support?


Do you know how to trade in Bittrex? If not then here we are going to represent the essential step that helps you to recognize how people trade in Bittrex takes a look:

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin/ Ethereum: First of all buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) from your local, crypto exchange that accepts your local currency.

Step 2: Open a Bittrex Account: After buying BTC or ETH then open Bittrex account by registering your name and email. For more security of the account, you have to activate 2-factor authentication so no one can hack your account. At last, verify your account from your personal information and your official identification documents.


Step 3: Store base currency in Bittrex account: After two above steps you have to deposit the BTC/ETH from your local exchange to your newly-opened Bittrex account.

Step 4: Select your base currency market: Well, 3 markets of Bittrex are available for the traders such as Bitcoin Market, Ethereum Markets, and USDT Markets. If you deposit in any of the markets then you can pick any altcoin that you want to buy using Bitcoin, Ethereum market.

Step 5: Buy Orders: If you buy Monero (XMR) using ETH then you have to enter the details of your buy order in the Buy box that is available under the trading section.

Step 6: Sell Orders: If you are going to selling Aragon (ANT) that paid in BTC then you have to enter the details of your order in the Buy box that is available under the trading section.

Step 7: keep all coins in a wallet: At last it is considered to all the trader of the digital currency that storing their all exchange into the personal wallet that is going to be offered by the Bittrex.

As an investor, if you are not capable to get in touch with Bittrex customer support then dial the number 1-888-818-8729 and resolve your query with the help of professional experts who work in the customer’s support of the Bittrex.

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